Agency Network Design

After years of contracting with many independent creative agencies across their corporate, business unit and region marketing organizations, a consumer technology company needed to lower their spend and improve the quality and consistency of their messaging and creative.  MarketFrames experts in this specialized field worked with the client to define agency network goals and requirements, inventory their existing capabilities, and build a new, consolidated network of strategic agency providers to deliver more effectively and efficiently on marketing objectives.  In addition to the winning “big idea”, the agency network provided the critical scale, scope, and operational efficiency that was needed. 

Among the results achieved from this project:
  • Brand consistency increased; single brand voice conveyed worldwide
  • Reduced overall total costs; simplified cost structure across network
  • Increased senior management engagement, understanding, and support of campaign priorities
  • Better effectiveness and efficiency in managing integrated campaigns
  • Improved consistency of messaging and positioning across corporate, business unit and region campaigns
  • Advantaged use of marketing tools and techniques: the best of traditional and the acceleration of digital
  • Optimized internal resources required to manage agency work and communications
  • Clearer accountability and responsibility for marketing campaign spend and results between client and agencies
  • Increase in ratio of working spend (media buys and reach) to non-working (fees/production) spend
  • Improved flow of materials through the communications development process/across “seams”.