Sample Projects by MarketFrames®

Marketing Network Architecture (MNA)
(Organization and Process Design Services)
  • Integrated marketing organizations following a merger
  • Created a marketing network blueprint to fundamentally realign business goals, assets and investments
  • Planned for Market Windows across multiple selling motions and regions for a multinational corporation
  • Established a Marketing Performance Management system.
Marketing Network Consulting (MNC)
(Analysis, Planning, and Problem Solving Services)
  • Analyzed and benchmarked company-wide marketing spend and implemented ongoing management process and tools
  • Designed and launched a marketing operations function for a global marketing organization
  • Delivered marketing process training and change management courses
  • Developed market-driven business plans to accelerate growth
  • Developed a unified value proposition for a multi-category, multi-channel product business
  • Entered a new product or service category
  • Repackaged, repositioned and re-launched core product offerings
  • Analyzed market and technology commercialization prospects for an acquisition
  • Created a Marketing Operations dashboard
  • Delivered a product plan that outlined platform roadmaps for a new technology.
Marketing Network Services (MNS)
(Essential Operating Services)
  • Developed and delivered a comprehensive training program to assess and improve marketing knowledge and competency
  • Developed and implemented a strategy, a framework, and operational models to improve channel management
  • Developed and delivered periodic marketing process assessments and recommendations for marketing network performance improvement
  • Managed a company’s Marketing Performance Management system.