The MarketFrames® Team

MarketFrames draws on an international network of best-in-class marketing executives, program and project managers, and analysts and planners who provide specialized marketing skills and capabilities.

The MarketFrames executive team has held senior leadership positions at a range of innovative product and services companies.  They work side-by-side with your senior managers to drive engagements and to ensure that changes can be effectively communicated and implemented.

Senior Program and Project Managers are industry veterans combining strong operational experience with the latest marketing approaches.  With superb training and credentials, they bring hands-on experience in marketing operations and management.  They work with you to discover important opportunities, synthesize essential new knowledge, and deliver actionable plans and recommendations.

Our Program and Project Managers oversee each engagement, driving project design and management, core content development, deliverables and reporting.  They have deep experience in disciplines such as marketing cost envelope management, agency management, product and service development and launch, marketing communications, talent development, strategic planning, and channel marketing strategy and execution. 

Our Analysts and Planners combine industry experience, strong analytical skills, and aptitude with the MarketFrames collection of best practice methods and tools to drive data discovery, validation, modeling and reporting.  They typically have held positions as analysts with high-profile market leaders and hold degrees in Marketing, Finance, and Accounting.