Organization & Process Design:
Marketing Network Architecture (MNA)

Our signature MNA engagements transform traditional marketing organizations through systematic organization renovation. 

MNA Engagement Deliverables:
MarketFrames provides:
  • Organization assessment/diagnostic, across targeted parameters, with priorities and phasing
  • Comprehensive blueprints that document new organization designs; can include detailed functional org charts, job descriptions, key process definitions, comprehensive metrics
  • Includes outlook for pragmatic use of automation (CRM/EMM/MRM) 
  • Marketing organization renovation & implementation management: program management, timetables, checklists, change management including training
  • Post renovation mobilization and continuity plans.
 Specifics include:
  • Comprehensive Marketing Network design and implementation
  • Marketing operations design and implementation
  • Marketing and sales organization design and integration
  • Marketing and sales job definitions and responsibilities
  • Marketing Cost Envelope management processes and plans
  • Strategic agency and channel partner engagement models
  • Core marketing processes
  • Knowledge base definitions and information gap assessments
  • Essential planning processes, reporting and management forums.
MNA Engagement Contributions:
With a new marketing network architecture plan in place, MarketFrames helps you mobilize the renovated marketing structure and core processes. Together we:
  • Establish operational objectives
  • Introduce new tools and methods for effective marketing operations
  • Train marketing talent and build capabilities
  • Define processes and objectives for agency network and channel partners 
  • Transition from installation to operation of the new organization or processes
  • Implement knowledge management practices and tools
  • Facilitate Process of Management forums.

MNA services advance the traditional marketing function into an efficient, responsive and resource-optimized network of internal and external partners. MNA engagements redefine the marketing organization and its core processes into an optimized end-to-end marketing network.   

In sum, MNA services provide a marketing organization structure that delivers:
  • Expertise: focused on a category, process, roles
  • Economies of scale: effective and efficient use of marketing assets
  • Economies of scope: effective and efficient market reach
  • Innovation: market-driven product/service planning and development
  • Optimized configuration: flexible use of internal and external resources
  • Rapid response time: ability to anticipate and respond quickly to market change.

Blueprints for Great Marketing Organization Design