Essential Operating Services:
Marketing Network Services (MNS)

MNS engagements help you build marketing effectiveness and efficiency more quickly by augmenting or outsourcing the ongoing assessment, improvement, and implementation of your marketing structure, resources and processes.  Or, if adequate bandwidth is a challenge, MNS engagements help you sustain marketing effectiveness through ongoing marketing services. 

MNS provides essential operating services include marketing operations management and support services, on-going marketing competency assessment, training and development, and core marketing process assessment and training workshops.

Our operational veterans work side-by-side with your team on an ongoing basis to transfer knowledge, develop talent and skills, fill resource gaps, and fine-tune critical marketing processes.

Service Areas & Resources
MarketFrames marketing network services are supported by robust tools, models and methods.  MarketFrames provides expert staffing in various disciplines including:
  • Marketing operations management
  • Channel marketing management    
  • Customer and market knowledge systems development
  • Marketing talent development
  • Agency network alignment and management
  • Communication asset management
  • Channel analysis, strategy and management models
  • Web-based collaboration and knowledge management tools
  • Market intelligence resource optimization and management
  • Partner management and optimization models
  • Collaborative marketing knowledge environment development and management
  • Product/service introduction management
  • On-line skills assessment tool
  • Competency development models, including Career Path Tools.

A Sample MNS Engagement:
Planning for Market Windows