Marketing Network Architecture: a Framework for Efficiency and Effectiveness

MarketFrames applies a unique point of view to the discipline of marketing: a network approach.  This informs the way we design and optimize marketing processes and structures, and how knowledge and information are leveraged across the enterprise and with key partners.

Applying the best of network theory, we focus on the design and management of organization seams or linkages so that the critical connections with other business functions and external partners are clear.  This focus allows for marketing structures and processes that are well-defined, initiatives that are scalable, and marketing assets that are managed for maximum efficiency.  The end result is more efficient development and delivery of products and services to your customers.

The Marketing Network Architecture is a proven framework developed by MarketFrames to enable marketing organizations and their core process owners to realize the efficiency and effectiveness benefits of end-to-end marketing. 

Challenges: Unproductive marketing structures and processes
Even at the most successful companies marketing challenges abound.  A market-driven business strategy may not be in place.  Marketing and Sales may be misaligned or even in conflict.  Marketing communications teams and outside agencies may not be aligned.  Product Marketing may not be partnering effectively with Product Development.  Large program investments may not be paying off.

Often marketing structures and ways of doing business continue on even when they are no longer productive.   Merged or acquired entities find it difficult to develop a consistent set of marketing processes.  Your marketing organization, information and processes may not have kept up with changes in your business or your customers.

Opportunities: Replace silos with a powerful network
To be successful today, companies need to reorganize compartmentalized marketing expertise and resources into an integrated network, powered by well-orchestrated processes, resources and plans.  A marketing network drives the best marketing asset utilization - the knowledge, people, processes, channels, partners and suppliers required to gain competitive advantage.

The Marketing Network Architecture from MarketFrames refocuses your marketing investments, reignites innovation and aligns your resources.  Connecting the point of innovation to the customer experience, an efficient and effective marketing network coordinates marketing goals, market intelligence and marketing assets to maximize market impact.

Renovating an inefficient marketing structure can be accomplished in small or large steps.  We can start in a focused way by helping you enter a new market category, optimize a critical marketing process or develop a unified value proposition for your business.  Or we can help drive a comprehensive renovation of your marketing structures and operations.

Regardless of where you start, our network framework deliberately and continuously connects Marketing to other critical entities.  It enables more effective and collaborative work with other functions - internally with Sales, Product Development, Supply Chain, and Finance - and with strategic agency and channel partners outside the company.


Use our Marketing Network Architecture to integrate across 6 key dimensions:

  • End-to-end marketing structures and processes
  • Defined knowledge bases
  • Targeted and aligned marketing investments
  • Alignment across critical internal functions
  • Effective collaboration with outside partners
  • Clear and relevant marketing performance metrics.