Focus on Marketing to Seize the Opportunity

To win, Marketing must be more than Marcom.  The right Marketing drives strategy, innovation, and growth.  It aligns resources and plans across the organization and with key agency and channel partners – delivering business value beyond the traditional marketing focus of advertising and promotion.
Marketing is the only function that connects a business from first idea to customer use and satisfaction.

Faced with new product or market opportunities, or with slow growth or shrinking margins, Marketing must be optimized to secure that connection.  

Results and benefits of the right Marketing:
  • Optimization and improved management of marketing spend
  • Marketing operations competency - improved process, accountability, and ongoing operations
  • Alignment across the internal and external marketing network - resulting in improved efficiency of internal, agency and channel investments
  • Defined, cross-company marketing processes that leverage knowledge assets and enable better, faster decision-making
  • Marketing and sales alignment that results in more effective go-to-market planning and programs
  • Market-driven plans and strategies aligned with business objectives
  • Improved marketing skills, competencies and talent retention
  • Experienced marketing resources applied to an immediate project or staffing gap.

MarketFrames can help...
MarketFrames can assess the efficiency of your current marketing organization, recommend where to focus improvement initiatives for greatest impact, and help you redesign processes and structures to function as a more efficient marketing network.

We help you drive significant improvement to your bottom line by aligning marketing activities with a market-driven growth strategy.  Whether your strategy is growth through acquisition, or organic growth through innovation and extension, we can help create an environment that supports your goals.