We’re Operational Veterans with P&L Experience

MarketFrames engagement leads and managers are industry operational veterans.  Because of the broad range of executive positions that we have held, we quickly apply proven methods and resources for improving marketing efficiency and effectiveness.  Using the best of today’s new marketing tools and approaches, we deliver actionable plans and results that have an immediate impact.

MarketFrames brings to every engagement decades of success in leadership roles at global marketing organizations.  We have held marketing operational responsibilities for $100M to multi-billion dollar category portfolios at the world’s largest, most dynamic and successful innovation firms.  

For each MarketFrames engagement, we put together the right mix of talent and resources for the job, based on the client’s unique requirements.  Our teams include executives, senior program and project managers, and skilled analysts and planners.


Our Team

Andrew Tallian
Through a 20-year career of global, strategic and operational roles, Andrew Tallian has established and operated winning marketing organizations and assets.  As President of MarketFrames Group, Andrew has renovated marketing organizations to increase market impact, improve marketing...read more

Kara Kerker
Through her 20-year global marketing career, Kara Kerker has a successful track record in developing winning products and market positions, marketing system design and operational management. For MarketFrames, Kara has led a wide range of critical client engagements including enterprise-wide...read more

Mihae Lim
Through a career in industry and academia, Mihae Lim brings international business, business research, and operations experience to our practice.  Mihae was a key player in developing MarketFrames’ Marketing Network Architecture reference model which is used to optimize marketing organizations...read more

Bob Engel
Through a long career of strategic and operational management roles, Bob Engel has established and led a wide range of winning marketing organizations and assets.  At MarketFrames, Bob leads critical client engagements ranging from installation and operation of marketing networks and marketing...read more


The MarketFrames Team

MarketFrames draws on an international network of best-in-class marketing executives, program and project managers, and analysts and planners who provide specialized marketing skills and capabilities.  read more