Top Marketing Questions:
Intelligent Marketing Network

1. How is your “true” end-to-end marketing spend allocated, and what ROI are you getting?
2. Are your funding decisions aligned with your business strategies and longer term goals?
3. Does Marketing have a clear, essential role in the C-Suite?
4. What is your simple, but essential market-driven strategy for the firm?
5. Is your value proposition well-defined and communicated?
6. Does your marketing system have the capacity to cover the market efficiently and effectively?
7. Do you know which marketing elements should be used to reach targeted customers?
8. Do you have the benefits of end-to-end marketing - from corporate, to business unit, to region?
9. Is your marketing well-integrated with other business functions?
10. Is your Marketing Operations function well-defined and adequately resourced?
11. Are your agency and channel partners well-managed and optimized?
12. Does your team leverage knowledge and information to power your marketing?
13. Are your marketing activities keeping pace by moving from ad-hoc to process-driven and automated?
14. Do you have processes and tools to assess and drive improvement within your marketing network?
15. Does your team have the right skills to power and manage the marketing system?