Proven Tools, Models, and Methods for
Marketing Optimization

MarketFrames maintains a ready library of assessment tools and models to assist clients with managing spend and improving marketing operations.  Our Marketing Network Architecture (MNA) reference model is at the core of the toolkit and provides a customizable blueprint for optimizing marketing processes and structure.

Our Maturity Models enable thorough yet efficient assessments of your existing organization and core marketing processes.  Examples include Marketing Cost Envelope (MCE) management, forecasting, marketing communications, and product/service launch processes.  The critical process elements, including activities, participants, calendars, forums, and roles and responsibilities, have been extensively documented using enterprise-class modeling software.  They are ready to customize and use.

MarketFrames maintains a library of industry resources that includes up-to-date benchmark and best practice references.  Using these resources, we help you set goals and establish metrics to ensure that your marketing network and processes are delivering competitive results and that improvement efforts are focused on the right areas.

Other useful resources include Marketing Cost Envelope analysis tools, Process of Management frameworks, business planning methodology and tools, change management resources, value proposition development frameworks and marketing skills training coursework.

Our executives, senior program and project managers, and analysts and planners draw on their operational experience, strong analytical skills, and aptitude with MarketFrames' tools, models, and methods to drive results for our clients.


MarketFrames Marketing
Network Architecture (MNA)
Reference Model defines:

  • Organizational design
    and capabilities
  • Organization structure
    and roles
  • Functional work areas
  • Core processes in the marketing network
  • Maturity models
  • Process metrics, forums, calendars, process flows
  • Knowledge base design