An Optimized Marketing Organization

MarketFrames works with you to connect discrete silos of marketing expertise and knowledge into an end-to-end, integrated marketing network that includes both internal and external partners.  Nine key characteristics distinguish an optimized marketing organization.  They are:
  1. The critical work of Marketing is distributed effectively across the network - everyone understands their job responsibilities and scope, within the framework of organizational goals and processes.
  2. Collaboration, coordination, and communication across the organization is effective and efficient.
  3. Core marketing processes such as forecasting, product/service launch and marketing communications are explicitly defined and efficiently executed.
  4. Current, routinely updated customer and market knowledge and understanding form the foundation of business planning and value proposition delivery.
  5. Marketing spend is aligned with business strategy and tracked and managed with clear accountability and metrics.
  6. Deliverables and dependencies with other areas of the company (Sales, Finance, Product Development, Supply Chain) and outside partners and agencies are well defined.
  7. Continuous process improvement and application of benchmarking and best practices are routine elements of performance management.
  8. Critical knowledge and information - customer and market knowledge, operational plans and metrics - are effectively gathered, maintained, and shared to support aligned, fact-based decision making.
  9. Key objectives and strategies are aligned across the organization and tracked and managed to support company growth and profitability.