Marketing Network Blueprints Help
Guide Renovation

A marketing network is a proven, effective way to organize resources - people, processes, partners and other critical resources and assets - to deliver the knowledge-powered marketing results required for profitable growth.  To support the successful renovation of marketing organizations, MarketFrames provides a library of clear blueprints.  They are custom-picked and are carefully adjusted depending on your organization’s unique needs and requirements.

Blueprints for Great Marketing Organization Design
MarketFrames has documented its Marketing Network Architecture (MNA) - a comprehensive Marketing Reference Model - that includes:
  • Detailed process documentation using enterprise-class modeling software
  • Marketing activity & work maps
  • Organizational maps
  • Marketing taxonomy for standardization of terms
  • Job categories, job descriptions, roles and responsibilities
  • Process maturity models that help evaluate the current state of fundamental marketing capabilities
  • Process definitions including steps, roles, forums, metrics, calendars, tools, and templates.

Critical Process Workflows
The key to effective and efficient marketing network architectures are the processes that enable the development and movement of knowledge and plans across the network.  MarketFrames designs marketing networks on a foundation of core processes that can be replicated and continuously improved across organizations.  Even when marketing resources fluctuate, essential processes should be scalable and remain effective over the long run.  In addition to well-documented workflows, our MNA engagements provide the accompanying change management required for large-scale and sustained transformation.

MNA Services design and optimize core marketing processes including:
  • Product/Service Generation  
  • Product/Service Introduction
  • Marketing Cost Envelope Management  
  • Marketing Competency Development  
  • Market Windows Planning  
  • Structured Business Planning  
  • Regional Category Management
  • Forecasting
  • Marketing Communications.