Winning in a Category

When a Fortune 500 company planned its expansion in an established and highly competitive multi-billion dollar product category, they needed help in areas including defining differentiated products supported by compelling product positioning, developing a value proposition, establishing winning messaging, executing strong product introductions, and driving effective and efficient current category management.

A MarketFrames team with deep experience in category development and management worked side-by-side with the company’s marketing, sales and operational leadership teams to design and install essential core processes and capabilities.  MarketFrames designed and implemented robust product planning and current product management processes that ensured the company had effective methods for developing, introducing, and managing winning products. 

The company achieved the following results:
  • Successful positions in the product category
  • Significant volume from key channels
  • Positive attention from the market and media
  • Targeted revenue gains year-over-year
  • Effective models, processes, functions, and tools including product prioritization, forecasts and pricing analysis
  • Re-defined and revamped market intelligence to drive sales priorities, and targeted account selling
  • Comprehensive improved coordination with critical Sales and Operations automation systems
  • Improved measurement and transparency to support more accurate and impactful rewards
  • Improved information and direction to critical functions including R&D, Operations, and Sales.